Current Projects

  1. The Multidisciplinary Collaborative Interactions: 
    1. Our first event will be on Saturday February 4th from 12-130pm (Lurias, Hassenfeld Conference Center), as part of the DeisImpact Social Justice Festival, organized by the amazing Aneil Tripathy (  We will create an environment where people can meet others from different departments to discuss and collaborate.  In this introductory meeting, we will use people’s brainstorming and feedback to build the destiny-architecture of Deisortium. We will have free food and afterwards it will be freestyle partying.  From then on, we will hold monthly meetings where 2 people from different departments will give 10 minute descriptions of their research, followed by audience-led brainstorming on possible collaborations between the two fields.  Afterwards, the 2 speakers will get together (with any  interested people) and actually implement the project.  Contact:
    2. (TBA) Late February: Aida Wong (Professor and Chair of Fine Arts at Brandeis) is working on a collaborative project with a Taiwanese artist on the effect of climate change on Tuvalu (a small island country).  They will create an exhibition and a website.  In this session, Aida will give a small presentation on the project and then we will brainstorm ways to incorporate our research and skills into the art project.  Those that are interested, will then help implement the project.
    3. (TBA) March: Jennifer  Montanta, Founder and executive director of the Innovation Institute (  She will give a brief presentation on her after-school program that focuses on inquiry based classes for elementary, middle and high school students.  Afterwards, we will collectively brainstorm a course that combines multiple fields and then we can teach it.
    4. (TBA) April: Ian Roy, Assistant Director of Research Technology and Innovation / Head of MakerLab at Brandeis will talk about 3D printing, 3D scanning, virtual reality, drone flights among other topics.  He will also talk about various collaborative projects with his lab, such as, including 3D printing of molecules, educational outreach, custom 3D printed parts for research labs, 3D scanning and anthropology. We will brainstorm and then later implement collaborative ideas with Ian. 
    5. (TBA) May: Mary Schofield is a Waltham  middle school science teacher.  She wants to completely revamp her Genetics and Hereditary section.  She will give an overview of the topics she teaches, then we will brainstorm actual activities and topics.  Perspectives from other fields are definitely welcome.  Those that are interested will help her create actual lesson plans that she will implement in September.
  2. Educational Videos for High School and Middle School Students: Led by Gabe Bronk (, fun and educational videos are made that make science assessible to middle and high school students.  Here is an example:
  3. The WHS-Brandeis Summer Research  Program: In this program 6-8 Waltham High School students are paired with graduate students (or post-docs) for six weeks during the summer.  They conduct inquiry based STEM research projects and take informal courses.  In the past we have offered innovated courses that have combined biochemistry lectures with 3D printing of relevant molecules.  The entire program is free for the students and is based on the volunteering of devotional and dedicated graduate students.  Currently the mentors come from the neuroscience, biology, physics and psychology departments. I would love to discuss ideas on expanding the program to include other disciplines.  I would also love to discuss ideas that span multiple disciplines, such as teaching students how to create a small business so that they can sell artwork they designed and 3D printed.  Contact: Vivekanand Pandey Vimal
  4. The Podcast: The Beauty of Balding: Life percolating through science, art, philosophy and the Earth: Still in development, this podcast will air on Brandeis Radio, once a week in the form of an hour long show.  Each episode will consist of a few different people from different disciplines discussing and exploring topics that will meander and diffuse through many layers of thought and knowledge.  For example, one episode might be on the theme of ‘oscillations’ and scientists, musicians, artists, economists…anyone can talk about how they interact with oscillations.  I would love to collaborate and brainstorm ideas, contact Vivekanand Pandey Vimal.
  5. WHS-Brandeis After School Program:   In collaboration with the WHS Science club, we invited a research scientist from Brandeis to lead an inquiry based course on yeast research. Students learned basic skills like serial dilution to develop their own experiments to address an open ended problem. Also, in collaboration with the Engineering club, we invited a Brandeis graduate student to lead a course on model rockets. Students varied parameters like the number of fins and studied its effect on the rocket’s flight. We have also run activities with the 3D printing club at WHS.  If you have any ideas for after school programs, I would love to discuss.  Contact: Vivekanand Pandey Vimal

Future Projects

Our goal is to create several independent groups of multidisciplinary graduate students who work on innovative projects, some of which will use the following funding opportunities:

  1. The SPARK grant: 
  2. The SPROUT grant: 
  3. University Prize Instructorship:
  4. The Ethics Center’s Co-sponsorship grant:
  5. The DeisImpact grant:
  6. The Festival of the Arts grant:
  7. Experiential Learning Practicum Development
  8. Heller Startup Challenge 
  9. IBS Startup Challenge